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Frequently asked questions


Fitness Trackers and Apps

1. How do I connect my fitness tracker to Glucolife?

To connect to your fitness tracker, tap on the profile button -> Connected Apps.

Select your fitness tracker from the available list and tap on Connect.

2. Can I use Glucolife without a fitness tracker?

Yes, you can! Glucolife can generate your Aktivo Score® and track other activities using your phone.

3. Which fitness trackers can connect with Glucolife?

The Glucolife app currently connects to Fitbit and Garmin fitness trackers. For other brands of fitness trackers, please connect its app with Google Fit on Android phones or Apple Health on iPhones.

To connect Glucolife with the Fitbit or Garmin app, simply tap on the profile button -> Connected Apps. Then select your fitness tracker and tap on Connect.

4. I can’t find my fitness tracker on the list of Connected Apps. What can I do?

If you are using a fitness tracker other than Fitbit or Garmin, you may connect its app to Google Fit for Android phones or to Apple Health for iPhones.

If your fitness tracker does not connect with Google Fit or Apple Health, your Aktivo Score® will be calculated from activity data collected by your phone.

5. I have connected my fitness tracker app to Glucolife. Why are the activity data on my fitness tracker app and Glucolife not the same?

Glucolife fetches data from your connected fitness tracker app. Keep your fitness tracker app updated to enable Glucolife to receive your latest activity data.

Depending on the fitness tracker used, it may take up to 60 minutes for activity data to be sent by your connected fitness tracker app to Glucolife.​


Aktivo Score®

6. What is a good Aktivo Score®?

The Aktivo Score® ranges from 1 to 99.

Maintaining a score of 80+ will lower your risk of developing chronic diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease. 


Scoring consistently below 60 indicates a poor physical lifestyle which may pose significant health risks and could lead to the onset of chronic diseases.

Your Aktivo Score® is a good indicator of how your lifestyle impacts your health.

7. How does Glucolife track and measure my activities?

Glucolife analyses data collected from your fitness tracker, phone sensors and Google Fit or Apple Health. The Glucolife app does not track or generate any activity data on its own.


8. I see an Hourglass instead of my Aktivo Score®. What does that mean?

Glucolife was unable to fetch your data for the last 24 hours to calculate your latest Aktivo Score®.

To fix this, simply swipe down on the home screen to refresh.

9. Who can see my Aktivo Score®?

Your Aktivo Score® can be viewed by all participants in the Aktivo Score® competitions from your organisation where you’re a participant. You can write to us at if you wish to withdraw from the competition.

10. I logged on to the app for the first time. How is Glucolife displaying my past data?


Glucolife gathers the past data from your fitness tracker or Google Fit / Apple Health. Analysis of this information generates your previous Aktivo Score®.


11. Why do I have an ongoing notification from Glucolife on my phone?

Glucolife runs in the background to collect activity data that measure the amount of sleep that you have each day to calculate the Aktivo Score®.

12. Why is my latest activity data from my fitness tracker app/Google Fit or Apple Health not displayed on the Glucolife app?

Glucolife fetches data directly from your phone or connected fitness tracker app. Occasionally there may be a delay in receiving your activity data from the connected app. To fix this, simply wait for some time and then swipe down on the home screen to refresh and check the latest activity data received by Glucolife.

Glucolife always considers your data for the last 24 hours to generate your daily Aktivo Score®.

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Fibre Score

13. What is a good Fibre Score?

Your Fibre Score is calculated with a scientifically derived questionnaire that measures your daily fibre intake.

Scoring 30+ indicates a healthy dietary fibre intake which will lower your risk of developing chronic diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer. Scoring below 10 poses a significant health risk and could lead to the onset of chronic diseases.

Aim to eat 30 grams of fibre every day to reduce your risk of developing chronic disease. Try to gradually increase your fibre intake by choosing high fibre foods and following our high fibre recipes.

14. How does Glucolife calculate my Fibre Score?

The Smart Fibre Checker measures your daily fibre intake (in grams) from 9 key food groups identified as sources of fibre:

i. Cereals and grains

ii. Legumes

iii. Soybeans

iv. Mushroom and seaweeds

v. Leaf, stalk, shoot and brassica vegetables

vi. Roots, tubers, bulbs and leek vegetables

vii. Squashes, gourds and fruit vegetables

viii. Fruits

ix. Nuts and seeds

You enter the number of servings you have had from each food group in the past 24 hours, from midnight to midnight of the previous day. When you complete the questionnaire, Glucolife generates your Fibre Score. We advise that if you have any allergies to the aforementioned food groups, please avoid them and be in contact with your regular doctor.

15. Where can I track my Fibre Score?

From the Stats page, tap Fibre Score, you can view your Fibre Score Stats.

16. Who else can see my Fibre Score?

No one else. Only you can see your Fibre Score.

17. Can I monitor my intake of nutrients other than fibre with the Glucolife app?

At the moment, the Glucolife app primarily supports nutrient tracking for fibre. Dietary fibre intake has been inversely associated with diabetes. The more fibre you eat, the lower your risk of developing diabetes. However, we do display additional nutritional information for our high-fibre recipes, including total calories, carbohydrates, fats and proteins. We advise that if you are allergic to any ingredients in these recipes, please avoid them and consult your regular doctor.

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Learning Centre

18. What information does the Learning Centre cover?

The Learning Centre tells you about diabetes and prediabetes, their risk factors, their consequences, their diagnosis and treatment and what lifestyle changes can be considered to lower the risk of developing diabetes.



19. What is ‘My Network’?


Your Network comprises all members currently on the Glucolife app.


Privacy, Security & Connectivity

20. Does Glucolife work without Wi-Fi or Data Connectivity?

Your phone must be connected to the internet to use Glucolife.

21. Is my personal data safe and protected by Glucolife?

​Yes. Glucolife adheres to the Personal Data Protection Act 2012 (Singapore) and you can rest assured that your personal data is well protected on Glucolife’s platform. ​

​Didn’t find your answer in the FAQ? No worries! You can write to us at and our support team will get back to you within 24 hours.

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